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How to Write a Fan Letter

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How to Write a Fan Letter Empty How to Write a Fan Letter

Post  yshbiased on Sun May 13, 2012 6:35 am

If you're stuck about writing a fan letter to Yoo Seung Ho. We will teach you with 8 steps below:

1. Give a little 2-3 sentence introduction about yourself. Don't lie to make it sound better. Be honest with him. Who are they to judge you? You could consider including some basic details such as your first name, what country/town you're from and your age. At the same time though, avoid sharing too many personal details. After all, even though you might be familiar with this YSH's work - this is still a stranger you are writing to.

2. Say how it is you got to know about him. Was it through a friend? Or maybe it was through a TV show or a movie that you happened to see. Whichever it is, include a few sentences about that.

3. Write about how you feel about him. Are he is a good actors or anything. Do you have a huge crush on him? Tell him (although you might want to hold off on that last one)! Express what it is you enjoyed about their work. Be specific, honest and sincere with your praise. If you're really stuck for ideas on how to approach this, if it's at all possible, ask somebody you know who's written a fan mail to a celebrity before for inspiration. cheers

4. Be sure to include a description of anything that this celebrity has done that personally made an impact on your life in some way - if you can think of a situation in which this happened to you. For example YSH is an actor, maybe about he played a character in a story that happened to go through something that you personally experienced in your life and could relate to.

5. Compliment them by saying you liked their outfit at the fansign's or something to make them smile. Everyone likes getting compliments... including celebrities.

6. Mention that you'll be hoping for a response, and if you want the YSH's autograph by all means go ahead and ask. But be sure to keep the tone of your letter polite and respectful without coming across as pushy. The celebrity you are writing to is very likely to appreciate it and be more likely to respond. You could consider saying something along the lines of "if you could find some time to respond I'd appreciate that, but you don't have to." Don't make up a lie saying you'll die in a month and the only way to cheer you up is to hear from him. That's the wrong kind of attention. Be honest about what you're writing.

7. Make sure to wish YSH luck with his future career when ending the letter. Again, this is something that he is highly likely to appreciate. You could also consider adding a line about how much you are looking forward to seeing his future work - if this is how you feel about it.

8. Add 'Yours sincerely' or 'From your biggest fan' at the bottom with your name to be polite. Do not use Lots of Love or Love from, etc. as it my scare the celebrities away from writing back.

This is step by step suggestion from us ^^

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