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YSH's 20th Birthday Project - Info and Discussion (CLOSED)

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YSH's 20th Birthday Project - Info and Discussion (CLOSED) Empty YSH's 20th Birthday Project - Info and Discussion (CLOSED)

Post  yshbiased on Sat May 12, 2012 3:06 pm

YSH's 20th Birthday Project - Info and Discussion (CLOSED) 749bb5b2gw1dggaso51k7jc

YSH 20th Birthday Project
Info and Discussion

On August 17th 2012 YSH will be turning 20 (Korean age). Last year, for his 19th birthday, YSHbiased cant doing anything for him. So we just send greeting happy birthday to YSH in twitter. But this year, we have chance from YSH manager to send gifts and fan letter to YSH cheers

But.. For the 1st, because we are came from the difference country, and Yoo Seung Ho already gets a very large number of gifts from his Korean fans and it is much easier for them to select, buy and deliver gifts since they don't have the logistical problems of international postage, customs, currency exchange etc. So YSHbiased will not buying any gifts for YSH birthday. Instead, YSHbiased have thought of everything, and we decided just to send a banner containing the signatures of International Yoopies to YSH. We will ask to yoopies for send scans of their signatures to YSHbiased, then we will edit it and bring to printing into a banner. Then the banner will be send to Yoo Seung Ho. I know this decision will make you very upset, but we're trying our best. And we know this is the best. So please help us to make that project can succeed. Really sorry and thank you for your help yoopies (:

**PS: We're also still waiting for funding delivery banner to Korea ^_^ You know, if we don't get funds for shipping, we will cancel send banner to YSH, and it will make YSH disappointed to our fanbase :""(( So, please help us, yoopies.. If you're interest, you can send e-mail to our e-mail: yshbiased@yahoo.com (name, adress, and country) before Monday, August 6 2012 at 8am KST. We will reply your e-mail 1x24 hours. Thank you.

Scan of signatures could be send to our e-mail: yshbiased@yahoo.com until June 30th 2012.

For the rules to fan letter, can you read below:

1. Letter in the form of e-mail. Attach the title "FAN LETTER"
2. Write your name, age, and which country you come from, at the beginning of the letter.
3. Should use language that's polite, and easy to understand.
4. Make your letter interesting as possible.
5. Letters must be in ENGLISH (unless you speak Korean, you can write with hangul)
6. The length of the letter doesn't exceed 200 words.
7. Try to write down the essence of who you want to convey to ysh.
8. For those who don't clear the letter name of the author and don't follow the above requirements will not be sent to YSH.

A fan letter could be send to our e-mail: yshbiased@yahoo.com until July 31th 2012.

We hope someday we have the opportunity to do more for Yoo Seung Ho's birthday. Thank you, yoopies. I know you're the best.

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